5 Creative And Handmade Gift Ideas

GIft-giving can be very hard and stressful, it can be even more stressful when you want to go the crafty route and make something yourself. You shouldn’t worry too much, however, because there are a lot of neat and unique options nowadays when it comes to DIY crafts. Below I have listed five of my favorite crafty homemade gifts that always go over well, no matter who receives it. After you read this article, you will never want to buy another gift again!

1: Homemade Candles

Candles are so easy and fun to make and they make fantastic gifts for any occasion. You can customize the look, scent, and color of your candles and give someone a really unique gift that they will definitely get a lot of use out of. There are a lot of pre-made kits available to make it a very easy craft to do, and you can always buy more scents from your local craft store if the kit doesn’t come with the one you are looking for.

2: Bath Bombs

This DIY gift is probably more geared toward female recipients, but can also definitely be given to men as well. They are very easy to make requiring only a few ingredients, and they are another gift that you can customize and change for every occasion you can think of. They are also very cheap to make, and certainly a lot cheaper than going to a store to buy the pre-made ones. Whoever you choose to give these too will definitely be very excited to receive one!

3: Wood Burned Objects

This gift takes any ordinary wooden kitchen tool and turns it into something that looks like you went to a fancy artisan boutique to get it. Getting a wood burning tool is a little more pricey than the previous two options listed here, but once you see how versatile they are and how amazing ordinary and boring kitchen items can suddenly look, you will be dead-set on buying one. Also, don’t be afraid to expand outside of the kitchen and try wood burning other things as well, you can create some truly amazing pieces

4: Homemade Recipes in a Jar:

This may seem like a gift that is a bit of a cop-out, but everyone loves having easy and delicious meals that take only ten minutes because everything else has been done for them already. In fact, there are entire blogs dedicated to the subject of convenient meals that get frequented on a daily basis, so this gift definitely won’t go unappreciated. Just put all of the non-perishable ingredients for whatever recipe you choose into a mason jar in neat and colorful layers (and be sure to write down any extra ingredients the recipient might need to include) and you are all set!

5: Covers or Cases

If you are really handy with sewing and stitching things together, then definitely take a whack at creating a cover or carrying case for electronic devices. There are a lot of tutorials available to show you how to make some extremely high-quality looking cases, and everyone always needs a spare case to keep their devices safe. This is a really fun gift to make, and you can spend as much time as you want on it depending on how decorative you choose to get!

The next time you want to make a gift for someone, don’t feel as though they won’t like it as much as something store bought. There are so many different options and ways to get really creative and end-up with professional looking results. Hopefully, this list has given you a few new ideas – take a look on gift ideas for young women.

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